Transfer Completed - Sale Final - Please Remove

Per our verbal agreement I am writing this official post to protect the purchaser and myself in accordance with the rules of the Character Bazaar.

–I am being sold for the amount of 40,000,000,000 isk.
–I have a positive wallet, no kill rights and no jump clones.
–I am currently located in THE BEAN STAR keepstar in R1O-GN
–I currently have a full set of Mid-Grade Nomads installed.
–I have sent out a corp wide email stating that i am being sold.
–I am currently in an NPC corp.
–This is a true representation of me
–This post is not an auction and i am not taking bids. This is to formalize a verbal in game agreement.

B/O for 40 bil. Isk sent in game.

Isk received. Please send transfer information.

Transfer information sent via pm.

Transfer started

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