Trapping Asteroids

Why do we have asteroids that you can go in, but cant go out?
Been trapped several times, trying to go shortest distance to a dropped mobile tractor.
Ship gets into an asteroid but can not leave.
Especially bad in Abyss. As a remedy tried to relog, by having ship to warp in/out of asteroid, but ran out of time.

Because the coders would rather get GMs to move you than fix this decade old issue.

That said. Just file a ticket. There’s a specific category for this and they’ll fix it within minutes usually.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Trapping asteroids…

Is that like when you warp to a belt in a combat ship that secretly has mining lasers equipped?

Because CCP is playing Thunderdome with asteroids: Two men enter, one man leave.

Because geometry. Because models and engines.

It’s cheaper to detect collision on boxes (my memory may be tricking me, but I think I stand correct).

They probably have better stuff now, but old assets are old.

so a known bug for a decade, no one bothers to fix? yet coming up with stuff that works hard on reducing online population, sounds like our old good CCP :slight_smile:

For the same reason that 10 years later i am still trapped on a mission gate.

eve collisions are made with a bunch of spheres
trust me wen i say it was waaaaaay worth back them, they refined the thing a lot

and btw because the way the warp drive works by canon it makes a lot of sense lol

gate … caldari base

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