Triexporter troubles


I recently downloaded TriExporter (from here When attempting to open any of the gr2 files, TriExporter crashes. I’ve no idea why, and am not a programmer, so I have no idea what’s wrong. Anybody know of a fix? Anybody else have this issue?

UPDATE: So files in this directory work but files in the dx9 directory make it crash everytime, or so it seems.

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the folder dx9 / models, is where you want to go, no crashing…

There are a few models that don’t cause crashes. I’m interested in extracting ship models. Every time I try to extract a ship model, it crashes. I’m guessing the tool is just outdated and unusable unfortunately. I’ll have to find a different tool/method.

3d models of ships

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These are great, but I want something with associated textures.

For me the models exported are sometimes not opening tho. Same with textures. Triexporter exports, but the files are not usable.
EDIT: I had to download everything option turned on, then everything is exportable without errors.

So as it turns out, downloading and using the new granny2.dll file you linked works, and fixes issues with triexporter! Thanks!

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