Triglavian SKINs

(Arthur Aihaken) #1

Can we get a little Triglavian SKIN love?
I’m not suggesting they would look great in a matte black, but a matte black.

(Mina Sebiestar) #2

For Leshak it should be named progenitor skin,it is only fitting.

Color should be like vast deserts of kharack planet are after two weeks of noon not a day less or more.

On applying skin this tune should run at least once

(Siegfried Tahl) #3

Some Triglavian SKINs are up on Sisi

<url=showinfo:48563>Damavik Triglavian Victory SKIN (Permanent)</ url>
<url=showinfo:48564>Vedmak Triglavian Victory SKIN (Permanent)</ url>
<url=showinfo:48565>Leshak Triglavian Victory SKIN (Permanent)</ url>

Not matte black, but still they look very nice IMO.
What does “Triglavian Victory” mean? Are they gonna be AT rewards, or that would be IGC? What did they give pirate Victory, like Sansha Victory SKINs for?

(Arthur Aihaken) #4

Yes, I think they’re associated with the AT.

(Siegfried Tahl) #5

The Skins

(Arthur Aihaken) #6

Serpentis Victory for the win!

(system) #7

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