:PICK: Trinity Collective Co. - Growing Mining and Industry Corp

Want to be a part of a new corporations growing family, then check out Trinity Collective Co. We’re building a mining and industry Corp. with a secondary focus on mission running. We want to recruit new members to grow the corp and start achieving many of the goals we set for ourselves. We are currently located in High Sec within 5 Jumps of Dodixie and 15 from Jita. We have an active ice mining and fuel production setup going for the corp and we want you to be a part of the Corps family of gamers all we ask is that you participate, we are currently operating in the US Timezone however we accept all time zones.

★Ore Buyback Program

★Manufacturing, Refinery facilities

★Weekly Mining Ops (Orca Boosts)

★Ship Replacement Programing

★US & EU Timezones

★Discord Server

★20+ Active Members and Growing

★Monthly Raffles / Giveaways

In Game recruitment channel is: Trinity Collective-Rec

Discord URL: https://discord.gg/kSMyaT3kVj

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