True Hull Mining: the next big EVE patch may delight everyone

TLDR - The revised faction, cap, and super production chains make a lot of sense, if the long term goal is that these hulls will begin to drop some of the new rare and valuable components they’re built from. This would be a massive PVP buff – the incentives for hunting down caps, supers, and even faction ships would increase dramatically, and PVP would become a more reliable income source for small groups.

The long version.

I was going over the faction BS and cap production chains and comparing component ingredients, seeing where they’ve gone after the past few months. Maybe I’m overanalyzing things and giving CCP too much credit, but I think the next set of changes are going to be really good and make a lot of people very happy. The last set of industrial changes make a lot of sense, if in the next iteration, wrecked faction ships, wrecked capital ships, and wrecked supers start dropping some of the (for now) absurdly expensive components. Probably the wrecks will drop components somewhere intermediate along the production chain, so industrialists still have to build the ships up the chain. I could even speculate which pieces will start dropping. Not sure if they’ll have to be salvaged off wrecks using the current system, or whether there will be some new “reclamation” item / skill. It also makes some sense of their adage “scarcity breeds conflict.” This could dramatically incentivize pvp, because a lot of the new hull cost for these now very expensive ships would be dropped when they explode. To me, this squares with the fact that it is still ridiculously expensive to build faction hulls, even after the markets have had a chance to stabilize. There are certain components that are just rare, and certain other components that are labor intensive. I suspect the long term goal is that these components are partly obtained as they are now, and partly obtained by destroying the apex ships in the game.

I think they’re trying to implement a system where one of the paths to making the new apex ships (titans, supers, caps, faction bs), is by destroying the old ones. Want some Machs for your lowsec pirate crew? One way to help build out the components is by destroying a Niddy or Hel. This wouldn’t be possible under the old system, where all the apex ships in the game were built up from T1 minerals. Now there are enough intermediate components, some of which are so labor intensive and rare, that now CCP has a lot of latitude to make (for example) a Revelation drop a few billion in intermediate build components when it explodes.

I think this also would mean a critical buff to the fun available for small corp players after their first 3-6 months – with a small battlecruiser fleet, you can take on the oldvets in their Vindicators. If you destroy a few while driving them off the field, you get a nice payout. When they explode you, well, you’re just in a ship made of T1 minerals with some T2 modules. This actually has similarities to the T3 production model, except instead of destroying sleepers, you destroy sleepy EVE vets. : )


I’m pretty sure I once heard one of the devs talking about turning salvaging into a longer, more intensive process. It would give people a reason to gather around and fight over wrecks, and he envisioned it to be kind of like deep sea creatures feeding on a whale carcass.

Anyway, I think that idea would synergize well with yours. Yes, there would be an increased reward, but it wouldn’t be guaranteed. They would still have to work and fight for it.

No P2W


Are you implying salvagers are bottom feeders? :grin:

Nothing wrong with feeding on a nice bottom.

No P2W


The next big EVE patch may delight everyone

I think that would be great. It would make perfect sense and add another dimension to the play.

So maybe the near future of EVE may be a little more exciting?


why yes, i am a bottom feeder…i scavenge zkillboard for any t2 ship deaths within the region every day, then i go get free ■■■■ off of other ppls dead shipbones

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Good idea, now all you need to do is find a way to get those with Supers and Titans to use them.
Then make sure the wreck isn’t just blown up.
Then find a way to stop the large groups who traditionally use these ships from salvaging them themselves.
As the increased build costs start to become reality, all classes affected by them will be used more sparingly. They won’t just be thrown around like they were prior to the changes.
CCP’s brilliant plan to stop the wealth ladder being pulled up from the top has only made those with the wealth more cautious (and of course, richer). Without good reason most super fleets will stay docked or tethered and right now there is no good reason to use them as they have become a real investment.


Then you are where you belong. :rofl:

So, to sum up consequences:

  1. hisec - mega-buff to suicide ganking, -10 points, very bad change.
  2. lowsec - less incentive to use high-cost ships, -1 points, bad change.
  3. nullsec - even more ganktarding on anything that shines, -10 points, very bad change.
  4. wormholes - another buff to wh income, -3 points, bad change.

Exciting for hisec suicide ganktards as it is, I fail to see at least one positive side to this.

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The OP’s idea has some merit but it doesn’t take into account the fact that CCP only knows how to nerf stuff, mainly loot and salvage drop tables.

Now if CCP does implement a patch for salvaging, they might buff the drops for a little bit just to get people engaging into that content, then when they think they’ve got the hook set, they’ll start nerfing the tables again and take them even lower than what they are now.


After a while people will notice it and then come to the forums asking about it. The answer they’ll receive will be the same old BS that CCP has been feeding the playerbase since day 1 - It’s all based on RNG and you’re just getting a bad roll of the dice.

Meanwhile CCP continues doing stealth nerfs to the loot / salvage drop tables.

What about the bounties? I “seem” to be making more running lvl 4’s than I did before. Once I noticed it, I haven’t had the time to compare.

Seems about right.
Let them fight.
Then let them fight for the salvage.

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“Now if CCP does implement a patch for salvaging, they might buff the drops for a little bit just to get people engaging into that content, then when they think they’ve got the hook set, they’ll start nerfing the tables again and take them even lower than what they are now.”
This is something I have noticed playing this game over the years. While a minority of the player base may stifle retaining players, CCP’s constant nerfing does way more harm to retaining players than people like the code.

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