Truly Defensive Gun Freaks - How about some PVP and Exploration?

And we will be for a long time. No one should have to miss participating!

Here we go again.

I am a noob. Rather interested in joining however.

O7 mate, no problem. We have an open ear for Newbros.

If you like join our Discord and we can chat little bit there to see if your wishes fit to us and the Corp. =)

Join for pew pew and isk! And fun of course.

Still recruting and doing stuff. :smiley:

Time to bump!

Hey bump it up!

and up again!

Still doing things in nullsec. Join now to do stuff too. :smiley:


bump it up!


o7 party people, we are still recruiting.
Just message me and we’ll have chat. :slight_smile:

lets bump this up

we are looking for any type of members, from miner to hardcore pvp, german and english speaking
dont be shy!

bump, we have a lot of fun here, come join us

still looking for members who are interested in pvp and/or mining, ratting etc

o7, join for fun. :wink:

Time to bump the post. Mainly looking for pve and pvp guys atm. Some miners would be alright too.