Truly Defensive Gun Freaks - PVE and PVP - Looking For YOU!

Are you a experienced nullsec pilot that is fed up with the big blocs?
Are you sick of falling asleep in 10% TiDi?
Or are you just looking for a new home?

If this sounds like you, Truly Defensive Gun Freaks is what you are looking for.

Who are we?

We are a small sized, tight-knit EUTZ corporation. We are currently a part of Sev3rance and are living in Scalding Pass.

What do we offer?

  • Extremely Friendly Environment
  • small/medium sized fleets
  • Supportive nature for whatever you do
  • Sov space with good logistics
  • Hostile space nearby
  • Cap/Super-Cap Ratting
  • Alliance Jump Freighter service and SRP
  • RL friendly (it’s a game after all)
  • ISK making fleets with lots of booze and tomfuckery

What are our requirements?

  • Don’t be a jerk
  • Willingness to join fleets
  • Working microphone
  • Be active
  • No RMT or botting

Nice to have but not mandatory:

  • Omega alts
  • Multiboxing Capability

If you are interested, say hi in our Discord server


Truly Defensive Gun Freaks

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Well, seems like we are nice people! Come join and have fun!

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