Truly Defensive Gun Freaks - PVE and PVP - Looking For YOU!

Are you a experienced nullsec pilot that is fed up with the big blocs?
Are you sick of falling asleep in 10% TiDi?
Or are you just looking for a new home?

If this sounds like you, Truly Defensive Gun Freaks is what you are looking for.

Who are we?

We are a small sized, tight-knit EUTZ corporation. We are currently a part of Sev3rance and are living in Scalding Pass.

What do we offer?

  • Extremely Friendly Environment
  • small/medium sized fleets
  • Supportive nature for whatever you do
  • Sov space with good logistics
  • Hostile space nearby
  • Cap/Super-Cap Ratting
  • Alliance Jump Freighter service and SRP
  • RL friendly (it’s a game after all)
  • ISK making fleets with lots of booze and tomfuckery

What are our requirements?

  • Don’t be a jerk
  • Willingness to join fleets
  • Working microphone
  • Be active
  • No RMT or botting

Nice to have but not mandatory:

  • Omega alts
  • Multiboxing Capability

If you are interested, say hi in our Discord server


Truly Defensive Gun Freaks

Such nice text, such big wow. :wink:

Daily Bump

Well, seems like we are nice people! Come join and have fun!

Don’t miss this opportunity to join complete lunatics!

aaaand up

What does the Fox say?

Want to make some isk and fly with nice people! Join us! :wink:

We are still looking for Pvpers, miners and explorers. :wink:

nice to be here :wink:

Whats going on guys?

still recruiting!!!


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