Trying to setup SSO using Mini Orange OAuth but stuck

Can anyone help?

Im trying to setup SSO on my website using the mini orange OAuth app.

Its asking for

**Authorize Endpoint
***Access Token Endpoint
***Get User Info Endpoint

I cannot find how to get any of this info before I can move onto attribute mapping.

Can anyone help with this??

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Here is the SSO’s documentation page: see correct link below posted by Blacksmoke16

already been looking at that and its got me nowhere.

did you look in the documentation at the Authentication Flow

Yes and it does not help with the mini orange oauth app.

Yeah, sorry I’m not much help here. Sadly my experience with programming is limited to a beginner’s level.

@ISD_Sakimura FWIW those are the old docs. The new SSO docs can be found at

@Dirty_Snipe You should be able to find the links within

Do you know what scopes contain a valid email address?

I can get it to return character name but cannot find one for email address so an account gets created.

Email address? That’s not a thing you can get via ESI. It doesn’t expose account information.

so how would i get it to register an account which requires a valid email address?

Would have to prompt the user to enter one they wish to use, tieing that to the character.

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