[TTPR.] Rents Due Crew - Caldari FW USTZ / Small Gang Counter-Insurgency PVP

Rents Due Crew is a newly reformed Caldari counter-insurgency FW corp. Led by Eve veterans with a collective 30+ years of combined experience, it is hyper-focused in small gang operations throughout the Gallente/Caldari FW warzone. Our community is currently recruiting a handful of like-minded, capable PvP-focused pilots who enjoy participating in small/micro gang content (typically ~10 people) . We believe in the intimacy that small gang warfare creates – where the individual actions of any member of the fleet can have a significant impact on the result of the battle.

How we differ from typical static front line FW corps:

We are currently one of the few, if not the only, counter-insurgency focused US TZ Caldari PVP corp. This means every 5-20+ days, we will be moving to a new area of operations, while maintaining a main HQ that is centrally located in the area.

What we offer:

  • Experienced FCs and leadership who have collectively been playing the game for over 30+ years.
  • Free JF logistics to and from JITA and our HQ.
  • Nightly organic gangs with at least 3 scheduled fleets a week where ENI’s and navy ships are not top of the food chain.
  • FW+. While we focus on FW PVP, we also participate in ESS heists, null roams, and WH spelunking in between insurgencies.
  • A gaming community, not just a corp. We all play other games and often hangout together online.
  • Ample isk-making opportunities via LP and corp projects.
  • NO corp/lp tax
  • Robust Ship Replacement Program.

What we are looking for:

  • Active (2 nights a week minimum) Veteran pilots with at least 50m SPs with small gang experience. Exceptions can be made.
  • DST alt at minimum. Suitcase cap preferred. We can cyno.
  • Financially independent and self-sufficient.
  • Pilots who aren’t afraid to solo, who aren’t risk averse, and who love to yeet sometimes.

KB: Rents Due Crew | Corporation | zKillboard

Join our discord to speak to a recruitment officer: Rents Due Crew

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