Rents Due Crew is Recruiting USTZ/AUTZ PVP

Rents Due Crew

RDC is a midscale PVP corp. We primarily live in lowsec but deploy to get content elsewhere when presented with the opportunity. As a corp we are healthily split between UStz and AUtz so if either of those apply to you odds are you’ll have some people to fly with. We enjoy small gang pvp in all the typical forms when not on alliance obj fleets and try an maintain a healthy balance of both.

We do accept Merc and Bashing contracts from others who need a hand getting rid of or defending assets from others, all our corp members get an equal split providing they participated.

We specialize in punching up and being spookier than our numbers would lead you to think. If this interests you feel free to join our Discord and inquire within.
Currently we reside in the Lowsec Alliance No Handlebars. led by Baltrom, so there is lots of EUtz content to be had as well.

What we offer:

  • Small Gang Roams / ESS Fights
  • Black Ops Drops
  • Wormhole PVP
  • Fleet Warfare
  • Capital Warfare

What we require:

  • Competence/willingness to learn
  • Ability to field doctrine ships
  • ESI via Auth
  • Discord usage
  • Capital alt (dread preferred) if you don’t have one you must be either willing to get one or start training one on acceptance into corp
  • Decent level of activity (obviously real life priorities come first)

Daily bump nerds still looking to recruit a few more for some fun pew pew


daily bump had our first little brawl today with some locals

daily bump still looking for a few more people to kick things off

Still recruiting

Another day paying the bills join up nerds

added a few more to the crew today! still looking for more cool dudes though

I am intrested in joining where should i contact you?

you can reach me in game or on Discord with the link above

Daily bump still recruiting if ya have questions feel free to pop into the discord and ask or send a message in game

Daily Bump. Had some good Blops last few nights with the crimson harvest event going on dont miss out!

Still Recruiting active pilots

Daily forum bump looking to grab a few more nerds to pew pew with

daily bump deployment starting soon


Another day another bump

latest brawls

daily bump still recruiting

daily bump k thanks