TunDraGon is recruiting

TunDraGon is part of „Goonswarm “ and were on the lookout for some new blood to fill the ranks of long lost pirates.
:arrow_right:Can you think?
:arrow_right:Can you fly some ships? (prefferrably some pirate ones)
:arrow_right:Are you a blood thirsty pirate or aspiring to be one? (awesome beard isn’t compulsory)
Anyway, if pvp in Sov 0.0, NPC 0.0 and Lowsec in any form or shape is intresting you, get in touch as we do it all.
Come hop on in and see if the Pirate life is for you!

And here’s teh sales pitch!
:aussiecongaparrot:TunDraGon, one of the oldest pirate corporations in EvE, is looking for some fresh blood again. If you are looking for black ops fleets, wormhole hunting and medium/large scale armor/shield gangs you won’t find a better corporation than us!:sassyparrot:

What we can offer:
:confusedparrot:Multiple Stagings (0.0 and Lowsec)
:confusedparrot:Small/Medium/Large Scale Fleets in EU Timezone, US Timezone picking up
:confusedparrot:Gatecamps for kills and isk
:confusedparrot:Black Ops Gangs
:confusedparrot:T3/BS Gangs
:confusedparrot:Capital Gangs
:confusedparrot:SRP Programme
:confusedparrot:JF Logistic
:confusedparrot:Access to lvl 5 missions and Sov Space
:confusedparrot:No Drama

What we are looking for:
:carousel_horse:30m sp minimum
:carousel_horse:Active killboard with decent stats
:carousel_horse:You can fly at least an armor and shield TII cruiser
:carousel_horse:Adapt Doctrines
:carousel_horse:Usefull alts
:carousel_horse:Mumble with a working mic

For more informations join our public channel “TunDraGon-Public” and talk to one of our recruiters OR join our Discord and have a chat! https://discord.gg/6k4nr5Z6ZT

Recruitment is selective, but not closed…

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Can I join from a hostile entity of imperium

hit me up on discord

Hump da Bump

i mean, its a bump UP

Oi, up there u go

Up you go!

up you go! :slight_smile:

Come join the family!

up up we go
come see if u can kill the Easter Bunny!

Still looking for good pilots.

Good pilots wanted! No snowflakes or Germans!

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What are u on about? We have both alrdy! Even Germans are allowed

No Germans or snowflakes still!!! :smirk:

Anyway, bump. Still unsure about snowflakes though, we seem to have met the quota on Germans.

Still looking for talented pilots! whiteknights and sjw’s need not apply.

I thought today was Friday, I’m so dissapointed :frowning: fml

Still looking for cannonfodder!

up you go! :slight_smile:

Come join the family!

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