Twitch recordings for CSM18 Candidates Town Hall Meeting hosted by EVE University

The voting for CSM 18 has officially begun!

EVE University hosted a Q&A town hall meeting with a lot of the candidates over the weekend.

So if you are unsure where to put your 10 votes, feel free to take a look at the Twitch recordings on our channel Twitch, perhaps they’ll help you make a decision.

Round 1 with:

  • Rico Shikkoken

  • Cael Caderu

  • White 0rchid

  • Storm Delay

  • Kshal Aideron

  • Sol Weintroub

  • Kilyavi Alaailaa

  • Angry Mustache

  • Phantomite

  • MILINT ARC Trooper

  • Drake Iddon

Round 2 with:

  • Dujek Oneye

  • DutchGunner

  • Dario Kaelenter

  • Corporal Fillip

  • Melicien Tetro

  • Yondu Quill

  • Dhuras

  • Nuke Michael

  • Rots Mijnwerker

  • RGC Godfather

Our thanks to all the participants, the best of luck with your candidacies!


Voting for CSM 18 is in still full swing.

Remember that you can vote if your account is Omega and at least 60 days old.

CCP has even sweetened the deal now with a Council Diplo Shuttle skin if you vote and daily log in rewards in the NES store.

If you are still unsure who to cast your 10 votes for, have a look at the Candidates Town Hall Meeting EVE Uni hosted last weekend on Twitch or at the interviews done by CCP.

Vote, your voice counts.

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