CSM 15 Debates, Presented by Trash Talk Tuesday

Dates: May 30
Times: 1900 EVE
Location: http://www.twitch.tv/TrashTalkTuesday
EDITED: There will be one day of debates and they will be held at 1900 on May 30th!

As the third most popular EVE talk show broadcasting on Tuesdays, the producers at Trash Talk Tuesday feel that it is pertinent and relevant to host debates among the potential candidates for the Council of Stellar Management.

These debates, unlike our regular shows, will be moderated and candidates will be given questions with ample time to answer those questions. Other candidates will be given time to respond and we’ll all be super orderly (right, guys?).

Because the two shows will both run for approximately 4 hours, candidates do not need to be present for the entire show. They can come and go as they please (or as life dictates). After all, these are your votes not mine.

Interested candidates can join the Trash Talk Tuesday Discord here (https://discord.gg/QwMAXvA). Once you’re in, let us know you’ve arrived and you’ll be given the CSM Candidate role, allowing you access to the CSM Candidate back channels. We can properly discuss more of the details in those channels. CSM Candidates will be given the planned questions for the debates on Friday, May 29th to have ample time to prepare their answers & rebuttals.

If you have questions about this event, please reach out to me on Discord (Redline XIII#4571) or join the TTT Discord and private message me. Feel free to follow us on Twitter for future updates: @TrashTalkTues

Looking forward to joining you all.

Excited for this show!

So far, we’ve got 8 candidates committed to the debates. I notice I listed the times without a range. These debates will not last 8 hours lol.

Reach out to your fellow CSM candidates and get them on board so we can get everyone in on the fun!

So far, 16 candidates have signed up to participate in the debate this weekend. Today is the LAST DAY for candidates to RSVP and let us know you’re coming. Live on Saturday at 19:00 EVE time on our Twitch channel. You won’t want to miss them!

To ensure the candidates get to prove they represent YOU in their bid for candidacy on the CSM, we’re letting you submit your own questions! Use this form to do so: https://t.co/VMpw32acv8?amp=1

And, finally, a teaser: https://t.co/ff3JbB8LOn?amp=1

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