Open Coms show Open to CSM

If any of the candidates for CSM would like to join us on our talk show The Open Coms Show to talk about your bid for CSM you are all more than welcome.

The show is streamed live on Friday nights 8pm CST. If you are interested in coming on the show for all or part please contact either DomanarK or Dreydan Trovirr in game or on Discord at Dreydan Trovirr
#7232 and DomanarK #5346.

This is not an interview situation, but a chance for people to get to know you by you being you talking about things you like and are passionate about.

Passionate about In game or like IRL? Because I think it’s safe to say if we’re running for CSM, most of our IRL time is majorly spent here lol

actually whatever you are passionate about.

cause we want to know who you are!

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I’ll try to stop by this coming friday, my Discord is Apollexis#0930, just shoot me the comms link the day before and I’ll be there if you got a spot open.

sorry, i didnt see you message.

join us here first:

Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to run this year for CSM due some previous EULA strikes, but I may be able to run next year assuming I conduct myself well. I don’t mind hopping on as a guest some times till then but I don’t want to hog a spot for a CSM member during this phase right now.

Would love to use the opportunity, but 20:00 CST is like 15:00 local time for me. And unfortunately on fridays I have to be in the office.



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