Two-boxing level 4s

I solo with an Apoc just fine, if I were to 2box it would be with my noctis for salvage, which I always run after multiple bs L4s, usually 5-15m worth of salvage/loot, sometimes more if lucky

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Looting/salvaging after majority of lvl 4 missions isn’t worth it. You will make more isk by simply using other character to run just second missions. Or use it to finish missions faster which would also increase your income


I concur, blitzing missions and skipping the ones that are not blitzable is far more profitable. Of course if you salvage etc, and use the reprocessed stuff to build mods thats different.


What do you redeem in the loyalty point store to get 2k isk per L/P?

There is about 2 to 3 things per store to get over 2k but you have to be smart about it. Max I got was 4.7 but that was becuase I was killing off anyone running that lp store but that in itself uses up time so its not a true 4.7 as the killing has to be included.

Armageddon does well in lvl4’s as you can snipe (cruise missiles/beams) and use sentries while salvaging after words. (raises fist at domi players thinking they better)

ALWAYS BRING a mobile tractor unit IMO to a lvl 4 even if you don’t loot everything, aka just loot what gets pull to you. before moving to next mission.

not as fast as having a second character, but if you want to do everything on one character that is a way to do it cheap.

obviously the best most expensive option is a Marauder with it’s tractor bonuses, Damage, and Tank all designed for clearing a lvl 4 (Paladin of course cause AMARR)

As a new player i had a good time dual boxing with a RavenNI and a Mach. Raven with cruise missiles to snipe and kill BSs and Mach would one shot any frig/destroyer.

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