"Type-D Restrained Capacitor Power Relay" Question

I read the description, it says it reduces “Shield boost” does this mean it’s a no brainer if I need more cap regen on an armor tank?

That is correct.

Yes, but…

If you are armour tanking, and I’ll assume an active tank since that’s going to put the stress on a capacitor, then it may not be the best option.

Cap Stability isn’t needed - you aren’t going to be running the propulsion module (afterburner or micro-warp drive) all the time, nor should you be needing to run the repairer all the time. With experience you’ll get used to managing the capacitor - the general rule being “don’t let it fall below 25% unless you know what you are doing”. (cap. regen peaks at about 30% of capacitor remaining and is less lower than that - it becomes a slippery slope there).

Have a look at putting a resistance module in the low slots in place of it - reduce the amount of incoming damage and you don’t need to cycle the repairer as frequently. Have a look at capacitor rigs - the Semiconductor one increases the capacitor size which increases the recharge rate (GJ/s) because the capacitor recharge is defined as “seconds to full charge”.

It’s not a no-brainer: indeed I don’t think I’ve ever used a Capacitor Power Relay in a fit.

But it is an option if you are comfortable with it - Eve gives you that freedom to experiment.
There’s normally more than one way to crack a nut.


oh I’m aware u don’t NEED cap stability. but sometimes you’ll have to use the rep more than expected, and at those times it helps to be a bit closer to it.

Still worth it to consider armor resistances instead.

Not only does it increase your survivability, it also increases the amount of effective hitpoints your armor repairer repairs, which means you get more EHP per point of capacitor.

Resistances are an alternative way to indirectly increase your cap stability. It just won’t show as ‘more cap stable’ in your fitting window, but it allows you to activate the repairer less often to repair the same amount of EHP.

…or you make sure, you can stay at a mobile depot, where you can refit on the spot, without docking first. Then fit it, when you need it and put it back in your cargo hold when you don’t.

Was recently made aware of how useful and affordable mobile depos are, but havent tried one yet, will soon

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