Type to search Neocom

I just clicked neocom and typed cal looking for the corp events calendar. I’d forgotten that typing had no effect. I’m aware I can use pointer window to find Calendar and I’ve also found it by clicking clock.
I’d gotten used to searching keybinds in settings. Thanks for that, it didn’t always exist, let’s keep going:

Let the Neocom menu treat alphanumeric keystrokes as searches while it’s open.

As soon as any search character is typed, the tree becomes a flat list of results containing that letter; the list refines/shrinks as you type more characters, just like searching Pointer Window.

I’d just be ecstatic with a slightly less-laggy interface as a whole.


I believe that is the default neocom

Cant edit for some reason. After some testing it happens on Low shader setting. On medium and high it seems to overlap/be on top which works better. I stick with low shader setting tho.