Typical BPC Number of Runs

Is there a typical number of runs per copy to aim for when copying researched BPOs that will eventually be put up for sale?

Depends. :wink:

… on what the consumers want to do, invention, manufacturing, how many do you need for the final product (e.g. copy bundles for Upwell structures), how long does it take to build (I like number of runs fitting in 24h), how many pieces of the result usually sell per transaction and how often. Sometimes you 1-run sell your copies to keep the price inflated (if your competition does the same). It’s supply & demand plus market PvP. Keep track on the contract market to figure it out for you.

For capital components it is common to start at 5 run BPCs, going up to 10, 20 or 40 runs.

(Small edit to improve clarity)

I have invested in ship modules BPOs whose T1 manufactured products typically sells for between 100 and 500m each.

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