U.K militia forces is a fun focused corporation based in null looking for some more ppl to add to our family

UKMF has been around for years now and only recently have opened Public Recruitment back up!

We are here to have a good time, learn, progress as players, create new friends and shoot people!

What are we offering?

  • PvP - We participate in Coalition level operations, We also run Corporation fleets and Alliance level fleets. This gives everyone a wide range of fleets to join and enjoy themselves in.
  • Sov null-sec base of operations, this includes Ratting, Mining, Escalations and Nullsec PVP!
  • Voice comms via discord/mumble (mumble primarily for Coalition level content)
  • We respect members as a community and as individuals, we try to include everybody in our operations and not leave anyone out.

we are looking for active pilots to grow with us.
Interested and want to know more?

Join U-K-M-F PUBLlC in game or shout a recruiter.

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