UKMF recruiting new family members

Recruitment is now Open.

UKMF, we are based in NS but have players in various areas of eve.
We are helpful ideal for new and/or returning pilots.

We have access to all of your Indy needs from moons/ore to mine and facilities to build as much as your heart desires.

We are also new members of Northern Coalition where PVP content is constant for those that want to hunt and/or learn. Small gang roams, gate camps, blops And of course large scale fleets

must use discord and mumble for corp/alliance comms, daily pings on upcoming activities and so on.

Our Corp motos are:
Real life first always
Shoot everything not blue unless told not too…
Mature group (inclusive to all)

If you are interested in learning more, please send me an in game message/chat request or join our public channel in game.

Fly Dangerously


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