UKMF - EU/USTZ Corp looking NS/LS/HS

UKMF- we are growing group of friend who primarily focus is PVP, Our main focus is in NS Space but we have players with all sorts of experience from high sec to wormhole space.

We’re a member of Fraternity, one of the largest and most powerful alliances in eve, what own parts of Vale of the silent, Tribute, Geminate and Drone Lands.

What we Required From You:
1 PAP PER toon per month
Ability to listen on Mumble, Discord and a rare occasion TS3

What We Offer:
Loads of leadership experience
The chance to learn how to FC Corp and Alliance Fleets
SRP on StartOps
Fun and relaxed atmosphere
Good space to live in with tons of facilities and a good active market
JF Service
Alliance Buyback
Ability to Use RORQS With a green light and red system

DISCORD: UK Militia Forces

Come and help us fight Volta Phoenix | Sleyas | Killmail | zKillboard




Come join us fight goons and Volta Apostle | Edd Reynolds | Killmail | zKillboard


Come join us today

Come join us today make isk and below stuff up

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