UAV system

Whether it is possible to develop new drone platforms, such as plunder, the skills of drone weapons are not lower than those of other weapons systems, but why not? Is it fair to players who specialize in drones? If you want to say flagship, the flagship can’t enter Gao’an, and Gao’an needs a drone plunder platform.

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If someone could kindly translate the OP for me, I would appreciate it.

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I think they want drones to be buffed.



They’re called carriers.

Carriers can’t enter HiSec. New-blingy Drone boat required for Hi Sec!


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WTB Guardian-Vexor

I’ll station trade you one, real cheap. 10 Bil.

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I think the thread is referring towards a new type of drone to scan and spy for a pilot whom sitting a great distance away within the system.

This sort of drone will produce a 2d map that can produce the same if not quicker result as a combat probe scan performs.

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Maybe this is Chinese intel on where there building there carrier fleet with drone platform for plundering ? and before you say no sea the Jinjiang river is next to the ship yard :face_with_thermometer:

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