UI scaling 150% is not saved

So for some time now i have the problem that no matter what i do the UI scale goes back to its default value of 125% , after restart, i change it to 150% again manually.

Is there a way to change the default value by force ?

i have asked this many times. i always have to reset scaling every log in on every account. i wish they would make it stick. and 150 would be nice.

They probably invented a new skins. They were so busy then that they didn’t have time for this.

they also recolored the planets to a degree that you cant see the PI stuff or the scans, very pretty, but makes doing PI on certain planets very challenging. this happens when you only have graphic artists and not game developers on staff

They have no time to play all sorts of games. they are important and busy people. Developers don’t have time for nonsense.

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