UK looking for a chill group

so i tried the game a few years ago, didnt get far.

now ive tried again and got further but still feeling im losing my way.

Looking for a chill group that i can jump in with a couple of times a week uk evenings to learn soem ropes and what to aim for. then as i get better i can begin to contribute more.
Time is a commodity at mid aged so i dont have the options to just drift in space… unless i have a purpose

im on saturday night with a few beers if anyone else is also?



You sound like our type. We are The Order of Omerta and we’re a chill group of older players looking to have fun. We like to do things as a team and are building up our eutz. We are into fw and pvp but also do other things as well. If you want ty learn more come by and we’ll chat and see if we’re a fit.

We might fit the bill.

What exactly are you looking to do though?

Im in a chill growing corp currently residing mostly in highsec; fair amount of us are from uk and middle aged, really just chillin doing a couple of things, nothing manic.

Hey there :smiley: I am a recruiter for Brewmaster Armada, we pride ourselves in having a few beers while we play. We are a wormhole corporation that moved from null sec. We dabble in a bit of everything. So please, come get drunk in our hole. :slight_smile:
Feel free to add me on discord: hellbent69420

Come to our discord and have a chat. See if we’re a good spot for you.

Hey ZeNeX-7,

Mise en Abyme is looking for pilots committed to eliminating bio-hazards and the re-eduction of profiteering capsuleers.

We are as chill as it gets. We are also particularly interested in assisting new(er) players.

PvE / PvP. EU TZ, real life comes first.

Give me a shout in game if you are interested.

Aegis Victorium - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums
Check us out! looks like we fit the bill exactly!

Hi there!

We at La Guillotine are a chill highsec mining corp with plenty of veteran experience.

Our primary recruiter, Jack Aakiwa is always looking to recruit more people into the greater EU timezone.

One of my personal goals is to encourage people to stay in this wonderful game. Even if in the long run you don’t stay with us, I’m sure you’ll discover something that’ll keep you logging in!

Come chat with us in LAGT Public! Or send “Jack Aakiwa” or “Logen Kain” an eve mail and we will get in touch.

i need to get my bearings again and have a few chill people to help get me started again and find my feet.

to learn more mining, mopons and into worm holes etc

eventually into indusrty and some pvp.

most groups i check i rarely find anyone online

Imperium Technologies - PvP | Null Sec | New & Old - US/EUTZ
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Discover the rich content and deep social bonds of the 0.0 experience. We offer training and access to the highest end content available in New Eden. Become part of a gaming family that stretches back to the dawn of Eve. Join a rich tradition of combat pranks, territorial wars and, in general, causing as much trouble as we can, wherever we go.

  • Come be a part of gaming history! Join an ancient nullsec Corp whose history stretches back to 2003.
  • Newbros/Returning/Olds welcome, all can apply.
  • 80% Buyback program for all your loot.
  • 0.0 Life!!! vast area of null-sec spanning the Southeast of New Eden.
  • Open boarders with all coalitions space.
  • 20 years of knowledge and experience to help elevate your game.

Have microphone and comms software ( Teamspeak, Mumble, Discord )

  • ||PvP focused, We play hard, we fight hard. Must be willing and able to kill.||
  • ||Must be +18 years of age or older (family/friends exempt as long as they are mature).||

Please contact me for more info
In-game name: Bloodytears Damon
Discord: Archmage1006
IT Discord: Imperium Technologies

Random Corp fun:


We’re an Imperium member corp looking for experienced and newer pilots who are interested in bloc warfare, nullsec living, and desire a target rich environment as well as vast wealth opportunities

What we have to offer:

  • Corp pvp fleets
  • Access to massive industrial infrastructure
  • Fantastic isk-making opportunities
  • Active comms
  • Experienced leadership

Join us in NR Recruiting and speak to a recruiter!

i get ya, worst still is when you join a big alliance; lots online… but not a damn one answers any questions and usually the only time they show an interest is when they need you in a defence fleet…

Have you had any luck so far?

We are a group of people that have been together over the last 10yrs, older player base with a mix of vets and returning players relearning the ins and outs of EVE. Focus on small gang PvP with some very competent FCs across a range of fleet comps. Hit me up in-game “Lord Nohman” or join our discord channel Reignited.

Also I’m Irish to very much up for weekend beers…or anytime beers for that matter.

Hey! Also UK am looking to bolster my UK/EU timezones maybe we would be a good fit?

Not really and dropped out the game.

Will try again

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I think you would fit in great with us mainly social on a Saturday night with beers and some eve good banter in the background on comms what more would you want lol. Come have a chat with us.

Hay pal am uk i run my own corp and alliance if you want some fun and good people to chill with NO drama and RL comes first then look use up

Hey! I’m a new player, but reaching out to people for my corp. We operate in a C2 wormhole. We are quite new with a few veteran players and some noobs like myself. We are trying to be a good corp that can help new players. We are creating content specifically for the noobs. We are about to have a freeport set up. We are primarily pve focused, but I and others want to get into some pvp. We are allied with a large pvp focused corp that has our backs in the wormhole. Check out occultanavis[.]net if you are interested!


still tempted

any of the discords ive tried seem pretty dead so ill keep checking in on some of the above