Ukraine conflict

Hi All…
I am Not one for normally posting anything but felt so strongly about this i thought of all our friends in the Ukraine and what they must be going through.
This may only be a game but WE!!! Are All Humans that deserve to live in Peace.
I was wondering if there was a way for the ALL the EVE COMMUNITY No matter what Alliance, Corp, Nationality, Religion etc. would come together, as we are all players in game and there are no boundaries.
Could there be some sort of sticker we could add to our profile pictures or eve ship skins we could use to show our way of respecting and supporting the Ukrainian People in this Sadistic Horrific Time that should NOT be happening

Where have you been when EU and NATO slaughtered Yugoslavia, Irak or Afghanistan?

All humans deserve our empathy.


There is no way to peace.
Peace is the way.

Mahatma Gandhi

Go away with RL politics…

That is not even remotely the same thing. So stop it.

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