Omega status for Ukrainian players

Hi, I live in Ukraine and today we have a war. Unfortunately, I am forced to become a refugee and have lost the opportunity to use all of financial resources available to me, including paying for gaming and entertainment content. I liked this game, the idea, the scale are impressive. I appeal to the developers to create an opportunity to temprorary use the Omega status for all players who are registered in Ukraine.
I didn’t really want to bring this issue up for public discussion, but I can’t send a message to anyone in charge on the forum
Thanks for understanding.


Honestly, Ukraine people I feel have more pressing matters at hand than worrying about a video game…

take a break and concentrate on Real Life my friend, and stay safe as possible.


Thanks Max,
now, for many of our citizens, video games replace much that they have lost and our reality is now too cruel a place.


Man I am praying for you all. What an insane world we live in. I was thinking about the stuff I do day to day and it occurred to me that one little thing for so many people on both sides of this would be to set a longer skill queue so they had less to worry about. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I think it’d be a nice gesture from CCP too.

:blue_heart: :yellow_heart: :ukraine:

Stay safe o7

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Using war as oportunity to beg for free omega is just to much. Have at lest bit of respect for yourself and your country…

Oh look. A ghoul.

I can only suggest CCP simply pause all Ukrainian acct’s until they request them to be activated again.

Few countries get to change the world for the better in a week!



I really don’t want any further discussion on this topic. Having the opportunity to communicate with the developers, I would not take this issue into the public plane.


Ha yes…

Everyone drop your arms and play eve… dont worry about those pesky bombs dropping all over the place


Maybe consider stop gaming for a while and stay alive first? People will understand your situation and won’t force you to game if you tell them you are in a war zone. Maybe you can go to Moldova or Romania with your passport and seek a new life?

Anyways I hope you survive and stay safe, as long as you lived, a few months of omega won’t matter too much.


Please goto to submit a ticket for this as the forums is not the location

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