Feedback on game from 2 days play

Hi i got a message about your intrested in what new players think of the game well here goes,

  1. omega account is so wrong in how its set up explane later as one of the frirst players of world of warships legends i make some vs between it,
    2, link to facebook i have a streamer facebook name which i am happy to link but not my other account i cant see how to link it from your website,
    3 the 10 missions how to play the game, are very good maybe a few more would be good,
    4 under a non omega account you have no cargo ships for ore this is bad in so many ways you could change the stats of cargo movers to let you fill with ore or cargo
    5 i run multi montiors as i stream as well, so it would be goot to move some of the displays to the other montiors i use windowed display in game settings so my mouse comes off the screen
    6 omega, are you ready lol, i have no problem with a monthly fee for delux items , but you have so many ships under the omega banner that is fine until i found out that you can only use them while omega is on, if i got omrga for 6 months which i would think about then i will have to stop using that ship that i paid for via a monthly fees research time and ore to make or isk to buy, this looks like the EA thing they were doing so this is the reason i will never get an omega account,
    some things to think about, i know its how you make your money , but if you want new players to use omega i would change it for the following,
    1 when you get a omega ship unlocked you should be able to use it make it so it takes 30 plus days to unlock,
    2 omega fast travel gates while your omega there is fast travel gates for there use only so you can jump to next area or across the map, say it brings up a map with 20 Plus gates across the map
    3 gave the omega players 500k or 250 skill points to use every month so have to take into account that in 30 days to unlock a ship,
    4 give omrga bounse items every month which goes up per month maybe blue prints if they stay a omega account holder maybe 6 months a new ship
    5 there is no help or a mission as to how blue prints work you need a traing mission for blueprints
    well thats it for 2 days game play maybe more later,
    finel point, is it best to get 3- 6 months omega out of all the players or nothing at all ??
    thanks for your time, if this is the wrong place to sent feedback to then please forward to the right email address
  1. This was a game that was originally subscription only, but there was a way for players to earn enough in-game currency to purchase a month’s subscription without having to pay any money. When the Omega/Alpha state was changed, it made it possible to play for free, and you could earn enough isk with an Alpha to plex your account to Omega. In the end, however, this is an MMO - it needs revenue, and the biggest draw for the game is flying the best ships and those should, necessarily, be gate locked behind whether you have a subscription or not.

  2. I’m not sure what you’re linking or why.

  3. There are tons of missions in the NPE, but there’s nothing wrong with adding more.

  4. The chances of them expanding the list of ships you can use for hauling is relatively low, and for good reason. They don’t want to make it too lucrative to be leave your account Alpha.

I think it’s unlikely that you’re going to see any major chances to how Omega/Alpha works - in the end, you want to be Omega. It pays for itself in just about every way.

Welcome to the game - I strongly suggest you get in with a player corporation as soon as you can, as that will help you get over the humps and stick around, and they can answer more of these questions for you than posting on the forums will.

Hope to see you out in space.


hi this feedback was only for support staff via an email they replied and told me to post in forums , i do understand the cost running servers and do not think omega will change myself, but a better miner would be nice or a cargo ship that moves ore , thanks for your thoughts and i did not know it was a sub only game at first i just pointed out what would make me pay for a monthly fee everyone is not the same as me , thanks all so far i am having fun in the game i have applied to join a corp thanks all,

If you’re looking for a ship to move ore, I would highly recommend the Miasmos. To fly it all you will need is Gallente Industrial I (which can be trained as an Alpha) and it comes with a solid dedicated ore hold of 50k m3.

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