Known issues

Hi I have been playing for a wile and I like this but when you are off line for a short time you see your self not to progress and have to reload the EVE tranquility again. but on topic. Known issues, to see your Omega gone and not ever to be seen untill you are with the required saveings to get omega and ships and things like this. and if you are in the act of not seeing the things completely light up as you finished the cartel elimination, but in this you are also seen your ships dancing nd stuck in space, when you are in battle or some form, by my own experience this I was just to talk about. and about other players in EVE why I ask, why when some one asked the simplest (Q&A) you are told he’s drunk or smoking something and no one understands you, face it if I like this EVE at lease let the others be dealt with by politeness and less of insinuations, for they do not see there real faces when in a MMO roll played space adventure,



Wrong forum.

Google translate is not helping you in this case, your post just comes out as gibberish and impossible to understand.

Perhaps @ISD_Aurvandil or @ISD_Bubblemoon can help you out, or anyone else that are Russian or speaks the language.

Praise Google that’s a good translation,lol

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I also have dual language on my keyboard, however that has nothing to do with it. Furthermore just because most of us cannot read or write russian does not mean we’re less educated than you, you mentioning this may be offensive to some people. So be cautious when mentioning such things, we all have the rights to express our opinions so long as it’s not violating the rules of the forum, set by CCP. :wink:

Yeah, uh, we may not be as educated as you, but im pretty sure that as a thinking human being with the ability to understand an apple from an orange, that we would be able to recognize the contradiction in your sentence.


Please dont blame us for your low level of understanding of the english language.

The only “known issue” here is your attitude. Watch your mouth and the way you’re talking to other people.

The text above shows definitely how “educated” you are, really sad…

A dual language keyboard is not a magical device that allows you to type an understandable post in another language if you have no idea of the language is constructed and used; the quality of output being determined by the quality of the input.


This one’s getting closed for trolling and ranting.

We provide support in Russian, it’s probably best if you file a support ticket and we’ll be happy to assist with any issues you have.