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Captain’s Log. I have been into this game at least two or three years I have been assimilation also being the Holodeck of trying to make my progression on the Eve online and also in India Street and astrophysics and seeking out new wormholes. I have realized it on this condition. There is a big server issue. I still sit here with more than one candidate on different all four corners of the Galaxy because of the server issue continually push myself out of game where I have to unlock everything from my hard drive. Sorry I brought it to the attention of the people of the death clock the development block. and I have tried to make it possible to sit through all the possible scenarios and try to fix the thing that for myself which requires me to take Eve completely off my hard drive and start all over brand new. so I appreciate the people of the development to make an announcement there is an issue with a server I appreciate and applied them. But still without the 200 million I once collected from so many times of trying to do the best I can when I was connected with Alexander starwalker. And now I’ve got Alexander starwalker with Marcus from Marcus I got another Marcus and from the other Marcus because of the same issue over and over again. I have four people in space and exploration on Eve tranquility. hoping that I would be able to not have this condition done over again because at this time you just cost me my Omega is cost me my other premium Rewards. And a loss of ships. Including caterpillars from Mining and Industry. Sorry to say it’s not a fair game but I will not stop playing until this whole thing is completely reevaluated at a whole thing is completely done where people are not lost on their activities and ships.

Sorry but I can’t make heads or tails out of this post. I think he’s deleting his characters but can’t confirm.

Don’t know what to make of it, could be a bad translation.

Did you write that Markov chain text generator yourself, OP?

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Maybe OP is testing his chat bot or something? :thinking:

It reads like a complaint on today’s server issues, which got a bit lost in translation. I think he is upset that he couldn’t find an announcement of the server issues, and so instead he uninstalled his game a few times and tried to get it running again.

And I’ve got to agree with him. When there is a known server issue just like there was today then the info belongs onto the launcher window in big, bold letters.


OP I agree 100%, you can contract your items to me. Good Luck!



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If you’re as bad at this game as you are at using paragraphs I can understand why you don’t enjoy it.

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See this happens when a triglavian infiltrator tries to communicate in common capsuleer language. Time to have a barbecue where we rost the spai. :fire:

Send me your stuff :+1:

hi @Marcus_A_Kormienko

i have no idea what you are talking about … sorry

1.: do you have more then 1 account?
2.: do you have your username, password and mailadress for all your accounts?
3.: do you use steam with one of the accounts?
4.: did you write a support ticket to CCP?

maybe we get some info to understand what your problem is


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Everytime I try to put a post on one of these kind of simulation games are space game somebody really f**** with me okay it’s not funny I lose my options to play smoothly a decent game. What is so hard to understand with all these comments. You have to uninstall the game and it’s not on Mac or any other issue. There are known issues posted.

I still don’t know what your problem is, but if you know already that you don’t have fun every time you try playing this type of game, why do you keep trying? Just do something else.

Welcome to EVE!

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