Loggin on, stardate 1040am:2017:09:09 temperal anomuly

Star date 2017

This is captain Alexzander of the starship Tristan EVE. we seem to hit a small pocket in space that prohibits ships function for warp drive, but hope there can be a chief engineer can fix this temporal flux, when opening the starship command to operate and travel threw the stars. but for now we cant get computer on line and the damage to account, for our first command, in the galaxy of EVE.

so some one please fix the log in,

captain !! captain a Romulan War bird is decloked and powering up faser sir!!! ((O darn it""))


I’ve been watching this for a while. It’s been ten hours, and no comment. So, please allow me to ask:



Looks like overdose of experimental herbal hmm… medicine.

Obviously the OP had or still has a problem with being able to log into the game. Best advice is to submit a Support Ticket asap or search the ‘Issues, Workarounds & Localization’ forum category to hopefully resolve the issue.

The OP actually did a very good job of being creative and entertaining in the original post of this thread instead of voicing anger and displeasure that’s usually contained in threads about log in problems.

no its not, I am stuck often in game, never to have the chance to make my way in game now the game is not able to be logged on.

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I cant get into game,

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i hope you filed a ticket…

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