Umbra-Domini -- Polite until provoked


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Whether you are new to PvP or an experienced PvP-er, you have a home here.

Umbra-Domini, Shadow of the Lord
Polite until provoked
Part of The Bastard Cartel alliance, and
Mistakes were Made coalition (Tenerifis)

We are active and assertive about challenging intruders to our space and building our presence in the region.
We encourage our members to pursue what they enjoy about the game. You are respected, whatever your level or play preference.
You will be asked to participate in PvP to the capacity you are able.
We help, mentor, and encourage those who are learning.
If you are early in your PvP career, here is where you can increase your PvP skills with excellent training, help, and mentoring from willing and experienced PvPers. In many cases, ships will be provided to you, or reimbursed if lost in a fight.

If you are a more experienced PvPer, here is a great opportunity to build your killboard and to PvP in a fun environment. And if you would like to share your expertise with others, we will be giving you opportunities to help and mentor those less experienced.

We also offer plenty of ISK-making opportunities, in a low pressure, respectful environment.

Join our recruitment channel: Umbra-Domini_Public or talk with: Arrowspeeed Bounty, Skyler Mind, or Shiva Caldacan

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still recruiting

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Still recruiting

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