Unable to access this window while in penalty

… and so it begins. :wink:

Repro steps: press CTRL+F (fps counter) while in character selection screen.

… and now the client crashed (after I tried it multiple times).

Hehe, few days ago log of button did not work.

This is the season when all the bugs come out.

I submitted a bug-report about it, now its working again :slight_smile:


My guess is it’s a misguided work-to-rule by all the butthurts that had no say in who their new employers would be and how unlikely it would be that their long term employment prospects would pan out.

Fluffy Penguin (or whatever it’s called) ain’t no family business. They’ll happily fire every single person or shut down entire divisions without a second thought to save a nickle.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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