Game freeze after log in,

Hi peeps need some help here,
after login i can see my capsule and there are some windows open, including assets, which is saying “delayed by 5 minutes”,
then the game freezes and i have to force it to close.
my alts can log in ok,
i have tried to clear the shared thing (cashe?) and i’ve reinstalled the game,
but i’m totally perplexed how my alts can log in, but Philos cant :frowning:
i’ve submitted a ticket yesterday, but so far no replies,
any thoughts?

In the launcher settings -> client settings create a new profile. Use the gear at the right of the account bar to select the new profile for the problem account.

If that works, great. If not, turn on LogLite in the launcher settings before starting the client and paste the logfile in your ticket. Also make sure you document any troubleshooting you’ve done and any changes between the time it worked and the time it didn’t - give the support people something to work with!

Good luck!

thats worked for me thanks.

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