Launcher Screen Freeze

Is anyone having an issue with the Launcher hanging up ? When I type in my user name/password, the launcher says launch process started and won’t go any further. This just started on the day of the new EULA / Privacy policy . Not sure if they are related.

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Nope am able to log in and launch game no problems, must be your end friend.

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Might need to ‘Verify Integrity Of Downloaded Files And Purge Extra Files’.

After the Launcher opens, click on the little ‘E’ icon in the top right corner and select ‘Shared Cache’. That will open a pop up window with various options. Select ‘Verify’ and after about 20 minutes the task will be done.

Afterwards hopefully you can do a log-in. When you get to the Character Selection screen, press Esc key, select ‘Reset Settings’ tab, then select ‘Clear All Cache Files’ which will prompt a relog.

Also check the sub-forum ‘Eve Launcher’ in the ‘Issues, Workarounds & Localization’ forum and see if there’s an answer to the issue there…

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