Blank Screen after Account Selection

Running the lastest version of Mint. I used the EveUni Wiki to install eve and run it using the ./ command in the command line. Been working fine for months. Last few days when i try and launch an account the eve client goes through the login process but there is just a blank screen. I cannt select a character. Any Ideas?

Have you Validated from the launcher ?

i assume its validated since it was working last week

Oops my bad - I meant ‘verified’. Run the launcher (I assume the launcher loads OK ?), click the little icon of 3 horizontal lines in the top-right of the launcher window, select ‘Shared cache’ from the drop-down list, and click ‘Verify’ on the resulting grey window. It will go through and check all the thousands of miscellaneous files Eve creates and uses, and attempt to correct any found to be corrupt. Well worth doing when something goes wrong, even if it was “working last week”…

Thanks…couple of files were corrupted. Working now

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