Unable To Create A New Character

I have been trying to create a new character, and have been unable to do so.

The entire games runs just fine on my MacBook Pro, however when I go to create a new character I can select a race, and then the game freezes on the Bloodline screen while it attempts to load.

I can’t get the Loglite tool to note anything that the devs can use, and after a few weeks of them trying to troubleshoot it with me they couldn’t come up with anything the could fix it.

I know it’s nothing special, but my Mac doesn’t have problems running the game otherwise.

It’s an ealy 2011 MacBook Pro 13’, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7, 4GB DDR3 memory, Intel HD Graphics 3000 383MB graphics. I’ve been able to create pilots before on this same machine but after the latest major patch/update I haven’t been able to.

Any suggestions or tips, outside of “get a pc” or “bootcamp”?

Thank you

Try lower quality settings, or lower resolution. The most frequent crashes we see on Mac are a result of running out of memory - lowering these settings helps reduce the memory usage.

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