Anyone else seeing this: Shortly after selecting character EVE your Mac powers down?

Start EVE launcher no problem

Login no problem

Get to the character select window no problem

Select character and this one happens to be in station so the station load sequence starts and momentarily seems fine and then my Mac shuts down. Like you did a hibernation. All my screens and drives go quiet.


I had quite a few kernel panics with the standard EVE client for Mac, so depending on your configuration I am not surprised you have something similar going on. However, I can enter the game fine, but the closer I get to 3 hours playtime the higher the risk of a kernel panic. Can you make anything from the system logs?

The system logs look clean. It does not appear to be a corruption issue but the behavior is identical to doing the Apple->Sleep option. I had seen this before with EVE and typically went away when I started log lite but this time my log lite trick does not work. The last entry in the log lit is “Failed to get a valid ballpark in time after trying 30 times” .

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