So tired of Wine crashing on my Mac

(Russell Mathew) #1

I can run EVE Online for about 1 hour or so and then it just crashes. Sometime I have to force quit the app in Activity Monitor. It’s been this way since I started playing about one month ago. It creates problems in game, especially when running a sleeper cacher and losing the site and your loot. I can imagine in battle it means you’re f’d. This app has been around for a decade. You would not expect this type of problem, especially on a a Mac.

(Dravick Afterthought) #2

Are you leaving the launcher running ? I have this problem running Eve via Wine on Linux, fixed it by always killing the launcher as soon as the client is running.

(Russell Mathew) #3

I do leave the launcher running. I will give that a try. Berkley Unix and Linux have similar structures. Thanks!

(Russell Mathew) #4

nope still crashing - thanks though. What really hurts is when you lose stuff, like scanners, etc that you are using at the time.