Closing Eve Launcher on mac gives me a crash report

Anyone else getting this?

Started about a month and a half ago.

Yes, have the same here as well. Late 2013 27" iMac.

A new launcher dowloaded today. Still crashes.

Not happening to me. You running with the logger, to see if you can catch the error?

This still happens to me every time I close the launcher. It has been happening for months. It is particularly frustrating when CCP is running events and there is a new build every day and I have to close everything, wait for the inevitable crash report, then log in all my accounts again before I can get started.

It happens here as well.

I am having to Force Quit the launcher every time. Any suggestions to get the Laucher to quit normally? Everything else is working fine at the moment.

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Yup just click the red dot at the top left. :slight_smile:

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