Eve freezes a few seconds into the 3D world view after capsuleer selection

This wasn’t happening yesterday. I power up eve, log in, select the character. My ship is in dock somewhere so it shows up with camera rotating to show the ship entering the dock position in the background while the Trigvalen invasion dialog tab is visible in the foreground. And then the whole thing freezes. Audio continues, occasionally fades but comes back, and there’s no reaction to any keypresses.

I tried this straight up three times, then rebooted the MacBook Pro (late 2019) and tried again. Same results all three times.

It’s behaving as if there was an update today :slight_smile: but I didn’t notice one flying by.

Further investigation: if I just sit tight for a couple minutes, I then see a burst of changes in the view and I’m able to interact with the controls again. It looks as if the client is waiting on the server, or the server is waiting on the client, for data, and a timeout occurs. I’ve collected some loglite docs for this.

Today I get different behavior, Beta or Release. I start as normal and the app doesn’t actually run.

Wound up deleting everything EVE-related in ~/Library/Application Support and reinstalling. Everything working again.

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