EVE client and Ventura 13.4.1 client freezes in minutes

So I “upgraded” my Mac Studio M1 MAX from Monterey to Ventura 13.4.1 and the EVE client freezes after a few minutes every time. First the mouse pointer stops responding, then the keyboard and finally the system reboots with a kernel panic.

I “downgraded” to Monterey and all was well again.

I tried a second time, upgrading to Ventura and the same thing happened. Back to Monterey and all was well again.

Note that to “downgrade” I have to erase the internal SSD, so the second time I also erased the internal SSD before installing Ventura. No difference. Still kernel panics within minutes.

Anyone successfully running Ventura with two EVE clients?

Since one week I have a Mac Studio M2 runing. I did a completely clean install. Eve runs very well compared to my old Intel iMac, but I have only one client.

Hmm. Maybe it’s running multiple clients. Thanks for the (only) feedback :slight_smile:

29 days after my post still not a single problem. Sorry for not been able to help. In case you have virus scanner software installed, disable it and try again.

Nah, no virus scanner installed. Good thought though.

Another possible culprit could be Little Snitch. If you have it, check your rules.
Sorry for not having better ideas.

Any idea is better than my current no idea :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, but no, I abandoned Little Snitch a few years ago when I placed a FreeBSD system (running on an old Mac mini) in from of my router as a flexible firewall / email server / web server.

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