Unanchor Refinery, with active ore field present?

Hey people.

I have a simple question, yet i dont seem to be able to find any answer, with my current level of “Google-Fu”.
If i have a refinery, with an active ore field next to it, form the moon chunk, and i start the unanchor process…
What’s gonna happen to the ore field? Nothing? Will the ore belt despawn instantly or keep its current timer? What!?

Please elaborate, if you can.

I guess nothing as it takes 7 days to unanchor a refinery.

The field will be long gone before your station is.

That was my initial thought aswell.
I just want clarification, that it doesnt mess with the ore field timer, or something wierd. You never know hah!
I guess im just gonna have to try it out my self, at some point.

Try it and let us know what happens.

Nothing. The only thing that impacts the ore field is the refinery rigs - if you have any.

A word of warning though … do not try and squeeze in one more six day drill run during your seven day decommissioning period. This is based on empirical observation but I am pretty sure it will end badly.

inb4 unexpected downtime :stuck_out_tongue:

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