Under Heavy Fire, part of the Mordus Angels Alliance. PVP PVP PVP PVP and more

Almost weekend, get ready to join. Recruitment is still open.

hey hey we still here looking for pilots for our corp hit us up

hey hey we still looking for pilots

So much to do, we need help with PVP, Mining and much more. Come and join.

hey hey we need pilots for null sec pvp , ratting, exploration mining the full works wee need you now

hey hey weekday here and we still looking for pilots


Yes, we are still recruiting.

Under Heavy Fire is recruiting. If you want to join our corporation, convo me and lets talk business.

We offer:

  • Free Jumpfreighter service for our members, hauling service
  • Ship replacement program
  • some of the best fc’s ingame
  • lots of PVP opportunities
  • lots of isk making opportunities
  • help for new players
  • SOV, yes

what times zones are you guys playing in?

corp is 20:00 - 01:00 eve time , alliance is 23/7

This is a reminder about the openings we have for new members.

Come and join our ranks. We need miners, FC’s for pvp and industrialists.

Yes, we are still looking for brave Pilots or carebears or pvp specialists.

Bumping this thread so that we get more new members.

Come fly with us trough space, new pilots welcome.

Hallo mensen, we hebben piloten nodig, veel ruimte.

Hi there people, we have openings in our treasury department too!

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Yes, recruitment is still open. Join now or go chase a Pokemon.

The recruiting is still going on. Come and have a chat with us.

Are you looking for a target rich environment?

Join us today!