Under Heavy Fire, part of the Mordus Angels Alliance. PVP PVP PVP PVP and more

We offer:
PVP, Nullsec, PVE, Mining, a lot of free BPC’s and much more Eve related stuff.

Wanted: Senior pilots and New Pilots
Languages spoken: English and Nederlands.

Join ingame channel UHF recruits for a chat.

Goals of Under Heavy Fire:
Create an environment for our Pilots where they can enjoy PVP. We help you in any way possible.


It is time to join the right team. Join our Corporation, Under Heavy Fire. We are part of Mordus Angels Alliance, which is part of the Guardians Of The Galaxy Coalition. Most important: we help our members with moving their stuff, develop piloting skills and earn ISK. We have over 100 years of Eve Online experience for you to use.

Join our relaxed team and fly with some fine people and pilots.
We offer:

  • Become part of a growing successful corporation, Null access with RESTRICTED standings with ALLIES, plenty of targets, Sov, stations, assets taken from Goonies and expanding.
  • Ship replacement program
  • PvP
  • Independence
  • ISK making
  • Ratting
  • Plexing
  • We fly ships from destroyers all the way to T3 cruisers, faction BSs, capitals and supers
  • We strive for a relaxed PVP experience and try to AVOID massive TIDI infested situations.
  • SSO Tokens limited required when registering

Contact me ingame, Pakokkie or join ingame channel UHF recruits

best regards,


I love the name of the corp. I like being able to yell ‘We’re under heavy fire!’

well done

sadly my main is not a good fit for any corp and I spend a lot of time on my main.


We are still recruiting.

There are still spots open. Join our ranks.

Back in the game. You can join our team.

Don’t send your application if you are afraid of pvp.

we still recruiting

I try real hard to get new people into our corporation.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Also, we are recruiting.

The recruiting thread will stay open until we have some more people flying with us.

After the Christmas dinner dip it is time to sign up with our corporation. Help us grow.

Daily bump to be noticed on this forum by players looking for a corporation.

Want to start the new year with something good? Join our corporation!

Yes, its the second day of the year, time to join Under Heavy Fire.

We have the following offers for our new members:

free beer;
free woman;
free goats;
free station window seats;
free seat warmers.

We still recruiting pilots give us a shout

Everything is in place for an optimal Eve online Pilot experience, join and enjoy.

Interested in looking for a new corp. Please contact me in game.

New members are dripping in, checking backgrounds, working hard. Recruitment is still open.

we are still recruitng