Union of the Cursed Beavers (Kuntz-) is looking for players

Look no further for you have found the KUNTZ-

Union of the Cursed Beavers is looking for some capsuleers to join our corp.

We have a heavy focus on teamwork and having a good time. We value friendship, teamwork, and trust above all and enjoy playing frequently and whatever style we feel. We would be interested in well rounded players, with respect for others in corp, or players with the focus on something.

What do we want?

Brothers! Active friends that want to:






Discord Comms (Dont have to have a mic but need to hear)

Be able to get along with others (Don’t be a Dick).

Be laidback (This is a game and i want to enjoy it)

Alpha/Omega Accounts welcome

Slide to the Top!

Here We GO!

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