United Caldari Space Command (Alliance LF corps)

Decided I will no longer be paying taxes. What are they gonna do, tax me more? Go ahead.

I wont pay those either

Oh im going to prison?

The one paid for by my tax dollars?

Sorry. Didn’t pay em. Now there is no prison…

I am at least 3 steps ahead of the government at all times.

Best PC memes in FW. Those corpse should join who are not afraid to pvp and listen to yugo war music in comms.

You cant take it? cool, join a boring nullsec alliance.

Not wrong!

Don’t worry they usually overheat and switch off after only 10 minutes, a type of universal balance to all things.

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thank you for replying to him

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This alliance is what the Caldari militia needs, so it is good that it exists. especially in the run up to the FW rework happening now.

Top alliance! Join it!

Great people, great community, great European FC

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Hot kills!

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