United Syndicate - [PvP Focused] [Low Class WH] [All Skill Levels] [USTZ]

(Andre Chatuk) #1

Newly formed United Syndicate is recruiting.

UNSYN is a PVP-focused corporation that operates out of a low-class wormhole. United Syndicate is looking to create a tight-knit network of like-minded individuals. All backgrounds are welcome.

United Syndicate has an open-door policy. Corporation membership is at-will. Pilots are encouraged to excersize their freedom and enjoy their gameplay. There will be only few mandatory operations.

Being newly formed, you have a chance to get in at the ground floor as we build ourselves into something bigger. Your voice will be heard, and not lost in the crowd like some bigger corporations.

Discord: https://discord.gg/adFh3qW
Join our in-game chat: UNSYN Pub Chat

(Alexander Nerva) #2

We are online now if you’d like to chat about coming aboard.

(Alexander Nerva) #3

We may not be online now, but we are on our discord. Drop by and find out if we are a good fit for you.

(Alexander Nerva) #4

Online now for anyone that would like to discuss what we can offer.

(Emperor Necrology) #5

Are u guys interested in joining a wh alliance? Would love to help you guys get into some content

(Alexander Nerva) #6

Join us…Help us grow and create a community you like.

(Alexander Nerva) #7

Are you interested in trying out wormholes, but are afraid of the risks? Then give us a look, because even though we are new and growing we have selected a wormhole that is quiet and will allow you to get used to living in wormhole space. While yes, the location is not desirable for isk generation it is best for learning. So new and old players looking to get your feet wet in the wormhole. Join us.

(Andre Chatuk) #8

Bump bump bump.

I’m online now talking to potential recruits. Join us.

(system) #9

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