Unitentional dragging of Scanner Windows

The new Photon UI allows new windows to be easily dragged by clicking and dragging. While this is sure to have beneficial applications, it limits my gameplay when performing the data/relic hacking.

Here there are a number of occasions when speed is essential and especially with the current event I’m competing with 1 or even 2 other explorers in one site. This means I’m performing a number of missclicks and previously this resulted in no change.

Now however, this miss click usually drags my window away and I’ve got to orientate myself again. While it’s fixable by locking the window position, this is not my ideal solution. Instead I’d like to prevent the dragging of analyser screens if possible.

Just my 2 cents and hope you will take it into consideration.

Yeah, I have the same problem with the inventory window. Because there is no clear ‘border’ at the bottom of the window, I often end up dragging it away when I attempt to select multiple items

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