Photon UI Hacking Mini game

The Photon UI hacking board constantly thinks I am trying to drag the board as I am hacking, especially if I am going quickly. I trained my skills to 5 so I can go faster, but it is terrible if the game cant keep up. I would not have bothered to say anything, but when I made the comment “Hacking sucks on the new UI” in a streamers chat, I had multiple other explorers chime in with the same experience. I’m sure you have heard this but in case not I wanted to let you know.

Problem is you can drag entire window by holding left click anywhere between nodes. Sometimes if you are doing it fast there is a lag and for some reason it appears that left click is stuck for a brief time so entire window goes flying. I don’t recall it being problem with old UI because you need to grab top of the window to drag it around (if I remember it correctly) but only workaround I found is locking window place and size.

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